Uvic Employee Salary Increase Approval 2024/25

Who wouldn’t like a salary increase, especially when the cost of living continues to be so high? But that’s precisely the feeling that phishers are trying to take advantage of when they create these kinds of phishing emails. Here are some signs that the email is not legitimate:

  • Although the message claims to be from payroll@uvic.ca, the sender information shows the email was actually sent from a non-UVic address.
  • The message greets you with your email address instead of your name.
  • The capitalization of UVic is wrong, there’s a spelling error in the sender name, and the wording of the message is awkward.
  • The email creates a sense of urgency to get you to act hastily.
  • Hovering over the link shows that it does not go to uvic.ca.

Fake salary increase email with a link to a phishing site

From: HR Deparment | uvic.ca e-Sign <yonet926@********.ne.jp>
Subject: Uvic Employee Salary Increase Approval 2024/25

This message was sent with high importance.

Hi ********@uvic.ca,

HR Department (payroll@uvic.ca) shared a new pdf file “Uvic Employee Salary Increase Approval Letter.pdf”  with you securely for your urgent attention.

VIEW DOCUMENT [phishing link]
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