This phish is circulating today. It applies the usual tactics of scammers to scare the potential victims that something is wrong and should should act fast.  The sender is external, the link points to an external site designed to look like a UVic login page with the goal to steal your UVic credentials. Please do not be curious and do not click the links because sometimes they may contain malware to infect your computer instantly.

Here is a screenshot and transcription of the phish:

Your University of Victoria account has been filed under the list of accounts set for deactivation due to retirement/graduation/or transfer of the concerned account holder. But the record shows you are still active in service and so advised to confirm this request otherwise give us reason to deactivate your account.

Please Verify your UVIC account immediately to avoid Deactivation Click

UVIC<link to external site>

Please note this one-time submission and entry only..

Warm Regards,
Office of the Registrar