Learning Strategists

Be a Learning Strategist

Learning Strategists work one-on-one with UVic students to develop skills and strategies in time management, notetaking, reading, writing, and test preparation.

Every year we hire grad students for the role of learning strategist. Most of our hiring is done in June-Aug for the following academic year (Sept-Apr). Feel free to contact us anytime to find out if we are hiring learning strategists. We look for applicants who have experience teaching, tutoring, and/or working with others 1-1, and who are passionate about personalizing their support for each student. Experience in similar roles in post-secondary learning environments is an asset.

While our Specialized Tutors provide discipline-specific academic support, LAP Learning Strategists assist students by focusing on introduction and development of learning strategies or techniques in four main areas:

Learning Strategists are typically Masters or PhD students in Educational Psychology, however, we have worked with Strategists from a broad range of disciplines such as Counselling, Biology and History.

Job Description

  • Help students develop positive attitudes about learning and confidence in their ability to learn
  • Assist students in applying new skills and strategies to their academic coursework
  • Deliver a service that emphasizes the student’s strengths and accomplishments, and acknowledges the student as the expert in their own learning
  • Connect students with appropriate academic resources or referrals to other campus services
  • Attend monthly training and ongoing development opportunities with LAP supervisors
  • Provide regular, consistent appointments for students
  • Support the academic standards of UVic
  • Maintain the confidentiality of personal and institutional information

                                                                   Email learning@uvic.ca to apply!