We Hire Grad Students!


Are you a grad student with a passion for education and helping other students? Every year we hire grad students for the roles of tutor and learning strategist.



Personalize your learning. Leverage your strengths. Try out our resources to get you started.



  Connect with a specialized tutor for help with a super tough course. Access supplementary notes to maximize your learning. Build your strengths and celebrate your successes with a Learning Strategist.  

Semester Feature


Get organized today with our friendly, visual template. See your whole UVIC semester at a glance. We’ve even started it for you with the important dates, deadlines and milestones for the semester!

Study Solutions


Study Solutions provides free one-on-one support developing strategies for efficient studying, educational growth and academic success.


Welcome to the UVic Learning Assistance Program! Our purpose is to connect students with tutor and learning strategist support, as well as to share resources that will help you succeed in your academic life. Our tools are grounded in research and supported by students just like YOU!

Have a tool or technique you’d like to share with other students? We’d love to hear from you (learning@uvic.ca).

Full-Serve NoteTaking Program

Access convenient, confidential, supplemental notes in your course from a trained LAP Notetaker!

Specialized Tutor Program

Struggling in that super tough course? No problem! Get connected with one of our LAP tutors.

Learning Strategist Program

Use your strengths. Meet your goals. Build on your successes. Create personalized tools and study skills.

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