LAP Policies

These are our governing policies for one-on-one Tutor and Learning Strategist services. If you have any questions about these policies, connect with us anytime at or 250-472-5494.



Student & Tutor/Strategist Agreement



The student, (Student name),

and the LAP Tutor/Strategist (Tutor/Strategist name), agree as follows:


One-on-one sessions in (course name).

Hours and Schedule:

From (start date) to (end date), proposed regular meeting times are: (e.g. Mondays 2 – 3:30 pm) (1.5 hrs/wk).

The first meeting will be held on (date).

Meetings will be held in (specific UVic classroom if in-person, or Zoom/another platform if online).

Guidelines for Agreement:

Late policy

    • The Tutor and student are expected to be on time for appointments.
    • Students and Tutors are required to wait no longer than 15 minutes.
    • A Tutor who is late is expected to make up the time at a later date.
    • A student who is late loses that portion of the session at full cost.
    • If the Tutor is late more than once, please notify a LAP Coordinator at

Rescheduling and cancelling a Tutor/Strategist session

    • If it is mutually agreed upon, sessions may be cancelled and rescheduled as long as 24 hours notice is provided.

No shows

    • If less than 24 hours notice, or no notice is provided to cancel a session, this is considered a “no-show”.
    • Students are billed at full cost for any no-show.
    • The Tutor is responsible for informing an LAP Coordinator of a no-show.
    • A student who has 2 no-shows may no longer be provided with services.

Cancellation of services

    • A student may cancel services at any time.
    • Students who wish to cancel services must inform a LAP Coordinator and not just the Tutor/Strategist. Coordinators can be informed by email at
    • Students will be billed for hours worked up to the cancellation date.


    • The student is responsible for bringing all relevant class materials (notes, textbooks, handouts, assignments, etc.) to sessions and should inform the Tutor/Strategist in advance if they have specific topics or questions to cover in their next session.
    • The Tutor is expected to be adequately prepared to assist the student with the topics on which the student has requested to work.

Integrity of work

    • The integrity of the degree program cannot be compromised by asking or expecting the Tutor to complete, organize, or in any way perform the work for the student.
    • The student takes full responsibility for success in their courses.
    • Read UVic’s academic integrity policy for more info.


    • Any questions or concerns regarding a Tutor-student relationship should be communicated in a timely manner to a LAP Coordinator at Amendments to services are only possible if communicated promptly.