Full-Serve Notetaking Program

Access the Full-Serve Notetaking Program

If you are registered with the Centre for Accessible Learning and have a Notetaking accommodation, you will be emailed a program invitation prior to the beginning of each academic semester. Follow the instructions and submit your course requests to access notes!  You can also contact Notetaking Program staff anytime at

Having a hard time keeping up with everything the instructor is saying while taking your notes? Get connected with our Full-Serve Notetaking Program!

The Full-Serve Notetaking Program is a convenient, confidential way to receive supplemental lecture notes from a trained LAP Notetaker. Many students who receive notes from trained Notetakers may see increased engagement in the lectures and improvements in their own notetaking.

How it works:

  • Get anonymous access to lecture notes from a classmate.
  • We hire and train a Notetaker who shares notes via an online file exchange service.

Contact us for more information!