About the LAP

What is the Learning Assistance Program (LAP)

The UVic Learning Assistance Program connects students with specialized tutors and learning strategists for one-to-one, personalized learning support. Our passionate team of graduate student tutors and learning strategists love working with, and learning from, students from all walks of life and academic fields. We value fostering students’ long-term success by embedding learning strategies into content tutoring, and fostering students’ self-determination and strengths awareness. We love to celebrate your successes and help you through the challenging parts of your courses.

Advanced Technology

As part of the UVic Centre for Accessible Learning, we get to see some of the latest and greatest in the field of assistive technology!

Check out our Apps for Success resource, or find out more about assistive technology on the CAL website 

Innovative Ideas

We build our services to support the success of all students looking for personalized learning tools. Always learning and innovating new ideas to better the LAP program!

Timely Support

Please contact us at learning@uvic.ca for any questions or requests for tutors or strategists. We will do our best to reply, and connect you with support, as soon as we can.

Clear Communication

 All LAP Tutors and Strategists receive initial and ongoing training to help them provide the best learning support possible. We emphasize a learner-centred and strengths-based approach focusing on personalized learning support which responds to each student’s goals and approach to learning.

Don't Be Shy. Get In Touch.

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