Job Offer

This job scam phish was circulated over the weekend with all the hints of being a fraudulent job offer. This email does not mention which company they are representing. The text gives a very generic and vague information about the job. Generic salutation, and signature are without any mention of who this person is. Also, text has grammatical mistakes.

These fraudulent emails mostly end up either stealing your personal information, or your money. Always, take the time to look for red flags in an email before taking any action mentioned.  Whenever in doubt, confirm with helpdesk.

This reddit post is also a good read, it was recently posted by UVIC to make students aware about such job scams:

Phish from external sender with subject "Job Offer" to lure students for fake part-time job.

Subject: Job Offer
Sender: Xi Zang <*****>


We are currently recruiting companies/individuals on behalf of our textile company located in Chine for a number of account receivable agents in North America. As an Account Receivable agent, you will be responsible for collection of all account receivables due to the Company in North America to directly support sales operations. This position does not affect your current job or business operations. Please email us if interested in the role or have any questions on the role.

Note: Monthly salary/ commission Applied.


Xi Zang