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A constant mainstay of most of my posts are … MEMES! Yeah, yeah, yeah ….  everybody does Memes! And … that is a good thing! See, just added one there of Martha Stewart! And probably all you youngsters out there won’t know who she is or her catch phrase! That is okay and that too is … A Good Thing! I guess that makes this a Meta-Meme! LOL!

I generously populate my posts with home grown memes and gifs! Some might argue that a meme should NOT be a GIF. That would NOT be … ME! A picture might be worth 1000 words (+GST/PST), so why not animate it, and add a few more to the mix! The more the meme-ier! LOL!

I use an online site called to do most of my editing. All you need it an original image or gif and you can quickly and easily make it into anything you want! And if you can’t find the exact meme or animated gif …. you can import your own VIDEO clip! I use handbrake to ‘harvest’ a few seconds of movies or YouTube clips. Then it only takes a few minutes to really figure out how add text to your new GIF! I even wrote a post about it called ‘Adding Text to GIFs … Jeopardy GIF/MEME Version!‘ way back in May of 2021! I have a mini lesson there but oodles of links for you to explore as well! I think it is one of my better posts as I use GIFs every day and try to think of new ones or new techniques too! Hardly a CHD meeting goes by without SOMEONE including a relevant and hilarious GIF …  you know who you are!

But I also like to be creative in PowerPoint too, for all the CHD Jeopardy training sessions each semester! GIFs created at ezgif are standalone and great!

                                              CHD Jeopardy

But in PowerPoint, you can place a ‘clean’ or ‘untexted’ file and then use PowerPoint to add animated text AFTER the image shows up, or WITH IT too! So, the GIF can ‘fly in’ from the left side and then the text can ‘fly in’ (or anything!) from the right side! So, it adds another level of animation to the GIF! I use both!

There are probably an infinite number of bloggers, making an infinite number of GIFs on the internet! So, give it a try and see what you can make on your own! Start easy with a simple favourite GIF of anything! Add a few lines of text, change the font, the colour, the timing! And then try it in PowerPoint too! Be creative! Take chances! Make mistakes! Get messy! AND HAVE FUN! That might be a more ‘timely’ or ‘generational’ GIF for all of the younger bloggers! 

I am guilty on all those counts …. sentenced to lifetime imprisonment for flagrant and repetitive bad graphic design work! My daughter is a professional Graphic Designer and … you guessed it … rolls her eyes every time I talk about what I did for the most recent Jeopardy! LOL!

I am also adding a post called ‘GIFs‘ with JUST FAVOURITE CALL MEMES IN IT HERE! Some with text and some without! And below will be many of my most recent memes from here at Bog Blog! Enjoy! And although OAC does not like putting up PowerPoint files, all the CHD Jeopardy training sessions are in PDF format and the GIFS, although not animated, are there! Just click on my Page for CALL Jeopardy Opus! Need any, let me know!

CHD Jeopardy Generation CHD
                                                       CHD Jeopardy Generation CHD
CHD Jeopardy Greg's Playlist II
                       CHD Jeopardy Greg’s Playlist II
ST:Strange New Worlds HIT IT!
                                                                ST:Strange New Worlds HIT IT!

Jeopardy XI Greg's Playlist
                                                Jeopardy XI Greg’s Playlist

My password is ... 'password'
                                                                      My password is … ‘password’

Click for BIG NAMED colourful GIF iMacs!
                     Click for BIG NAMED colourful GIF iMacs!


The CALL Facility … and other Mysteries of UVIC – Updated July 2022

DEJA CALL … all over again!

So, what exactly IS
The CALL Facility at UVic?
Well, here goes!
Including new ‘BETA‘ content
for September 2022 !

I have a NEW PDF (and PDF-video!) for a NEW version of The CALL Facility Orientation for September 2022!

  ⬇️ September 2022 ⬇️
The CALL Facility Orientation
  ⬇️ Click Below to download ⬇️

And just below is my “Director’s Cut” YouTube version, converted from PowerPoint – and less than 2 minutes in length (1:59! LOL!) I will definitely have some updates and upgrades between now and then as I ‘Field Test’ this new approach to showing everyone The CALL Facility and preparing for September 2022.

Previous versions (Page) of my CALL intro had MANY slides of all the available resources for each  language/course/Department that used CALL for homework, assignments, WICKET, etc. That has totally changed due to Covid and I wanted a very quick, very informative slide show that ANYONE could quickly see (and show!) and not be resource or ‘click heavy’. I hope I have accomplished that!

I will continue to tweak it and after a few live CALL orientations, I will update these resources! Of course, I retain the right to .. include my brand of humour throughout! Oh, by the way, without a doubt, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is THE BEST STAR TREK SERIES OF ALL TIME! And … Spoiler Alert – this could actually pop up as a Jeopardy Questions in the new September CHD Training Day! You .. never … know!

The CALL Facility is STILL one of the Hidden Gems of Clearihue! Enjoy!

I will  have future Bog Blog posts about “Heading Back to UVic“,  “Oldest Computers in the World“, “On Vacation“, “Welcome Back to UVic” in September, and even some updated Pages and more totally random stuff that I seem to … maybe … specialize in! LOL!

CHD Jeopardy Greg's Playlist II
   CHD Jeopardy Greg’s Playlist II

And … another SPOILER ALERT a brand new CHD Jeopardy Greg’s Playlist II for September CHD Training too! YAY JEOPARDY!

Thanks to EVERYONE at CHD for participating and your support too! I can’t make CALL Orientations or CHD Jeopardy without all of you and your assistance, support and … rolling eyes!! Thank you!



Jeopardy – Revenge of the Memes – Poll for Next Jeopardy in October 2021


The NEXT JEOPARDY is already in the planning stages!! The Categories, such as “SkyNet”, “Altair 8800” and “Slide Rulers” will be my choices, but the Quotes will be suggestions from CHD Consultants!

I knew going in to the June Jeopardy this year … might … be a “Blast From MY Past”! And  although many are well known Science Fiction movies … not so well known amongst our Consultants! 🙂

So next time, I will let ALL the CHD Consultants give me feedback on the movies quotes THEY want to try and guess … from THEIR generation! This is, to quote Robbie the Robot … “DANGER WILL ROBINSON! DANGER” time as I may not have seen any of the movies THEY have grown up with! LOL!

I created a Poll at MS:Office 365, using Forms,  for all the Consultants to fill in. I guessed at some movies and also left room for ‘Others..’ and a text box for comments too! Not only did it refresh my skills at Polls (it had been a year!) but it will bring everyone together again and might even add a bit of competitiveness to Jeopardy next time.

And imagine the Consultants … the “Jeopary Shaming” if someone gets one wrong! OH, the horrors! 

The actual Poll is below (screeen grabs) and each has a clickable link TO the Poll, but I have limited access to “Only people in my organization can respond“. Security reasons! A good test of settings too!

And it will eventually generate some stats and comments too, all part of Forms at MS:Office 365! Early results are in,  below, but a long way to go! And if you haven’t noticed, I am a big fan of MS:Office 365! So much more is coming in the weeks and months to come! Make sure you check out the Microsoft Office 365 at UVic OAC Blog Page for all the latest stuff!




Adding Text to GIFs … Jeopardy GIF/MEME Version!

Adding Text to GIFs

This post has TWO purposes! First is a post on how to add  Text to GIFs! And secondly … to announce the next Jeopardy  version MEMES ‘R US is ready for training, sometime in May!

It took me a bit of expermenting with a site called to come up with easy ways to include formatted and positioned text, in any GIF. I chose to work with GIFs that had NO text, as … I wanted my own text!

How to turn this         ….             into THIS!

Click for colourful GIF iMacs!

Click for BIG NAMED colourful GIF iMacs!





The original GIF, whether you found it or created it yourself, will not be modified at all, just a copy, so you can try all kinds of things with a copy. And worst case, you can just start all over, upload the original GIF and keep on trying new features!

Okay, so the original GIF was a flashing iMac of all 13 of the different iMacs made by Apple. So this is a very simple upgrade, the sequence is below.

  1. Go to and click on Add Text. (I have edited out ads)
  2. Click on ‘Choose File’, locate the GIF you want to edit, then click the blue Upload! button. I am using the iMac GIF above as an example.
  3. The GIF will load, start to play, and beneath, all the frames will be displayed in the order they play.
  4. EACH FRAME needs to be edited (for THIS GIF) to have the colour in the frame. So I typed EACH ‘colour’ into EACH text box i.e. “BONDI” in the first box and THEN CLICKED SET! That will edit the default settings and put the word ‘BONDI’ IN the frame, with the default settings. Each time you edit each frame, you must click SET! I will change ‘BLUEBERRY’ to a different font, position, colour and size to show the differences you can edit, as shown below:

This particular GIF needs edited text in EACH FRAME. Other GIFs, that have more animation, will  be a ‘best guess’ as to the timing of the text. But each frame shows a frame, OF the GIF, so actually not that hard. But any text you enter, you must hit the SET for each frame!

When done, at the very bottom of the page, which might be longer, depending on how long your GIF is, will  be a blue button to Create GIF!

Click  it and in a few seconds, your GIF will be created and run! If it is not quite right, go back and edit those frames you want to change! Then … Create GIF! again! 

When done, click on the icon of a floppy disk called ‘save‘ and the site will  export your newly ‘Textified‘ GIF to your downloads folder! It is THAT SIMPLE! The … more artistic part comes when you have more frames, more text, a message at the top, followed by a message at the bottom, making text disappear half-way through … etc. AND that is only THIS SECTION of

So, crazy question – what IS the  difference between Bondi and Blueberry! LOL! Maybe, in  person, there is a noticeable difference

Totally free, easy to use and many more features. With this iMac GIF, I had to use the resize feature as the original GIF was HUGE! I resized it to about 25% (trial and error) and then it was perfect for legibility and running in OAC. The bigger the GIF, the greater the chances it might not actually display in OAC. So … just resize it first!

I have also used Video to GIF as sometimes, you have a .. video clip, and this will convert it to GIF and then .. ALL the controls are there for your new GIF.

I have MANY MANY new MEMES/GIFS for our upcoming CHD Training, and I will put a few below, for fun:

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