Super Secret Surprise CALL Stuff … coming in July!

Surprise CALL STUFF …..
Coming in JULY !!!!

CAN you keep a secret? You better be able to! There just might be some VERY interesting stuff coming to your local CALL Facility, scheduled for the first two weeks of JULY!  Just before that though, will be DHSI for the first two weeks of JUNE!

What is DHSI? Well, I will write another post closer to June, but another Super Secret CALL Scenario is ….. click here to see what DHSI is!

But for now, you will have to:

  • Monitor this OAC Blog!
  • Make a resolution to be ready for anything!
  • Station yourself at the ready!
  • Display your boxes of CALL hi-tech upgrades!
  • Project the future!
  • Measure up to … 55″ of PowerPoint slides in every direction!
  • And if not PP, then switch to a 55″ Keynote instead!
  • Don’t get drunk on screenshots!
  • Screen everyone who visits CALL!
  • Memorize how to spell HDMI!
  • Surf the Internet riding high on a CRESTRON .wav!
  • Get ready for one DELL of an upgrade!
  • No boots needed in case of a flood, only … re-boots!
  • Didn’t cost much either! We paid in cache!
  • CALL will be safe from monitor lizards, finally!
  • Monitor the upgrades ’cause it  … hertz so good!

And maybe, just maybe, the photo below in a Super Secret location, safe from prying eyes … will have some clues!

And just have to end on a serious note ….. NOT!

See everyone in JULY!
Come on down to

And … just to end on a shameless OAC Bog Blog promotion, I did a whole post on puns and jokes during early Covid in 2020 …….