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Does that title look familiar? Yes, it should as it was partially from my first post in September 2020, after summer holidays. Rather than just create more “Posts”, I have decided to create a “Page” to always have a quick roster of (admittedly MY) favourite and useful UVic links.

Sure, many can be found at UVic with a bit of digging, but … this works for me, and hopefully for others too. This might become the loneliest Page in OAC! LOL!

The list will just expand as I find useful links. I also keep them as my bookmarks in Edge, but sometimes I am not as organized in Edge, as I am here. 

NOTE: The most recent will be at the bottom of this list, chronological order. I might try to figure out how to put a clickable list just below, and then one click, gets you to the most recent. Something to learn how to do – A PAGE JUMP! (A work in progress as  I am not great with html! Thanks to Tmo for html  help!

By Friday, April 23rd, everyone (18+)
will be eligible to register for a vaccine!

And specifically for AstraZeneca (40+, first dose), find a pharmacy near you:
AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD COVID-19 Vaccines In Pharmacies

As always, information changes, so you can keep up to date with the BC Covid App.

                                                                                                   BC COVID-19 App

UVic Computer Help Desk
UVic Computers, Events, Learning
Covid 19 Related
Cyber Security Awareness Month 🔥 NEW LINKS 🔥
Emergency Preparedness
Stress During Exam Period  
OAC WordPress UVic Sites
Hidden Gems of Clearihue
UVic at YouTube
UVic Social Media Sites
UVic Cool Sites … Just for fun … and when you need them!
UVic Recycling (Comparing Apples and Oranges!)
Time Travel Technologies [ sort of ]

September 24, 2020 –  UVic Computer Help Desk
  1. The Computer Help Desk (ALWAYS #1 on this list!)
  2. The Computer Help Desk WEBISODES ( 🔥 HOT OFF THE PRESS WINNER! 🔥)
  3. Microsoft Office 365 at UVic OAC (Basically 1A on this list for good stuff!)
  4. Online Services at UVic (kinda need this to start Office 365 and need to use NetLink credentials too)
  5. Office 365 (Where the magic happens!)
  6. Zoom Resources (really good stuff here)
  7. PaperCut Mobility Printing (Yes, you CAN  still print at UVic!)
  8. Student-How-To Videos ( 🔥 HOT OFF THE PRESS WINNER! 🔥)
  9. Personal Home File Storage (YOU GET 5GB! And YOU get 5GB and YOU get 5GB!)
  10. Minimum Technology Requirements for Students (Sigh, my SX-64 doesn’t have enough ooomph!)
October 6, 2020 –  UVic Computers, Events, Learning
  1. What is VPN?  (HInt: Virtual Private Network, and YES, you want to use it!)
  2. Computing Facilities Hours and Locations (Yes, we have some locations open!)
  3. Fall 2020 Student Computing Facilities Request Form (Use PhotoShop on our Macs!)
  4. UVic Learn Anywhere (AWESOME! And yes, you SHOULD start here!)
  5. Employee Learning Calendar (I have taken MANY courses here! Check them out!)
  6. UVIC Library  UVic Library Fall 2020 Services (And many here too!)
  7. Events and Workshops at UVic Libraries (AWESOME WORKSHOPS!)
October 16, 2020 –  COVID 19 Related
  1. COVID-19 info for students (🔥 Study Spaces! Computer Labs! 🔥)
  2. Occupational Health, Safety & Environment (SO Important now!)
  3. UVIC Safety Plan (These will keep both you and I safe!)
  4. Non-Medical masks recommended on campus
    (Please wear your mask. Think of it as a gift to everyone around you)
  5. Masks & PPE
    (Please protect yourself and by so doing …. protecting others)
  6. Safe Work Plans (So many people at UVic are looking out for YOU!)
  7. Returning Safely to Campus (Health and Safety are #1 at UVic!)
  8. UVic COVID-19 Health and Safety (THE UVic page for COVID info)
  9. Covid-19 Go-Forward Guidelines for B.C.’s Post-Secondary Sector
    (UVic and ALL Universities followed these guidelines, so check it out for yourself too!
  10. COVID-19 information sharing (April 7, 2021)
  11. BC Covid Dashboard (New for April 9, 2021)
  12. Island Health – Data, Outbreaks and Public Exposures
October 26, 2020 – Cyber Security Awareness Month
  1. Nav’s CISO Blog at OAC – Personal Perspectives from UVic’s Chief Information Security Officer
         (🔥 HOT OFF THE PRESS WINNER 🔥  Endpoint Protection !)
  2. UVic Instagram Takeover 2020 
  3. Cyber Security Awareness Month – UVic
  4. Phishing – University Systems (UVic)
  5. Phishing Awareness Training Campaign – University Systems (UVic)
  6. UVic Information Security Standards
  7. UVIC Information Security
  8. How to Contact University Systems and The  Computer Help Desk
  9. Advanced Persistent Threat Groups (from Nav’s Blog on Oct 20)
  10. Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (Canadian Government)
  11. 9 Types of Malware and How to Recognize Them 🔥 HOT OFF THE PRESS WINNER 🔥
  12. CQURE Hacks #42: That Can Fool Anyone. Don’t Ignore Social Engineering 🔥 HOT OFF THE PRESS WINNER! 🔥
  13. Simulated Phishing Training (video)   🔥 HOT OFF THE PRESS WINNER! 🔥
  14. Passphrases > Passwords (video) 🔥 HOT OFF THE PRESS WINNER! 🔥

CISO VLog Simulated Phishing
                                                           CISO VLog Simulated Phishing
November 20, 2020 – Emergency Preparedness
  1. Emergency Planning (Take a few minutes for this site please)
  2. Emergency Procedures (And what to do … if ….)
  3. Earthquake and Tsunami (How many in the last 30 days … SEE THEM!!)
  4. An earthquake happened in Oak Bay, WHILE I WAS UPDATING THIS POST! 🔥 HOT OFF THE PRESS WINNER 🔥
  5. Snow or Extreme Weather (Yes, it snows in Victoria .. LOTS!)
  6. Specific Hazards (Nitty gritty specifics of what could happen)
  7. Campus Evacuation Procedures (Where to go ….)
  8. Emergency Planning – Events & Upcoming Training (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)
  9. UVic Alerts (Register today, right now!)
  10. Safety Committees at UVic (Join a great committee! I did!)
  11. And .. UVic Covid-19 Info for Students
  12. Province-wide restriction  🔥 HOT OFF THE PRESS WINNER 🔥
December 1, 2020 – Stress During Exam Period
  1. Meditation at UVicMultifaith Centre  (Works for me!)
  2. Walking a Labyrinth (Unfortunately, not available)
  3. Zoom On-line Morning Meditation with Henri
  4. How to Beat Exam Stress – OAC My UVic Life (Shameless OAC Placement!) 🔥HOT OFF THE PRESS WINNER🔥
  5. Tips for Exam Season (UVic … and advice still timely and relevant!)
  6. Coping with Exams and Exam Anxiety (UVic!)
  7. Anxiety and stress (UVic! Sensing a trend…..)
  8. UVic Student Mental Health Blog 🔥HOT OFF THE PRESS WINNER🔥
  9.                         (left blank on purpose …. a stress free resource!)
  10. How to Beat Exam Stress: 25 Tips Backed by Research (The ONLY  non-UVic site!)
  11. Workplace Wellness (An OAC UVic site!) 🔥HOT OFF THE PRESS WINNER🔥
  12. Resilience Resources (A subsite of Workplace Wellness!) 🔥HOT OFF THE PRESS WINNER🔥

December 8, 2020 – OAC WordPress Sites at UVic
  1. OAC – Get Started – What is the OAC? (and more!) 
  2. OAC – Get Started: -How to Create a Site (and more!)
  3. OAC Tutorials – The Dashboard (and more!)
  4. OAC Tutorials – Posts (and more!)
  5. OAC Tutorials – Pages (and more!)
  6. OAC Tutorials – Media Library (and more!) 
  7. OAC Community Members – FIND UVIC BLOGS!
January 25, 2021 – Hidden Gems of Clearihue
  1. The Computer Help Desk – 3 locations in Clearihue
  2. Computing Classrooms – Upstairs and Down
  3. Clearihue Corner – So quiet
  4. Inner Courtyard – Hiding in Plain Sight
  5. The CALL Facility – You can check out, but you can never leave
February 8, 2021 – UVic at YouTube Favourite Videos

March 4, 2021 – UVic Social Media Sites
UVIC Social Media
                            UVIC Social Media
  1. OAC Online Academic Community (WordPress)
  2. Official UVic Accounts (UVic)
  3. ALL ACROSS UVIC Social Media Sites (SO MANY!!)
  4. My UVic Life (OAC Blog!)
  5. My First Year @ UVic (Facebook)
  6. University of Victoria (Facebook)

    This is UVic
                                   This is UVic
  7. University of Victoria (Instagram)
  8. University of Victoria (Twitter)
  9. University of Victoria – Computer Help Desk (Twitter)
  10. University Systems (Twitter)
  11. This is UVic (YouTube)
  12. UVic 2021: What you need to know (YouTube)
April 9, 2021 – UVic Cool Sites … Just for fun … and when you need them!
  1. Campus Virtual Tour (Until we can go back!)
  2. Finnerty Gardens (Ducks and Flowers!)
  3. Munchie Bar(Great coffee!)
  4. Cinecenta (Best popcorn in town!)
  5. Mystic Market (Food galore!)
  6. David Petch Fountain (WordPress site)
  7. Mystic Vale (OAC WordPress site!)
  8. Legend Pole 
  9. Cadboro Bay & Gyro Park (10 minute walk from Campus … TO THE OCEAN!)
  10. TOFINO & Pacific Rim National Park! (Technically … not UVic, but a favourite place of mine!)
  11. Restored Legend Pole in centre of campus rededicated and blessed
  12. Indigenous Art on Campus Tour
  13. The Raven Soaring Pole (Replica of a Gitxsan Memorial Pole by Kweenu)
  14. S’YEWE Legend Pole rededicated(I actually helped out back then, but not in photo!)
April 14, 2021 -UVic Recycling – Comparing Apples and Oranges!
  1. Recycling – UVic
  2. Sort-It-Out-Stations – UVic
  3. Zero Waste Program – UVic
  4. Water – UVic
  5. Energy and Climate – UVic
  6. Dining and Food – UVic
  7. Computing – UVic
  8. Green Computing – UVic
  9. UVic’s Built and Natural Environments – UVic
  10. Sustainability in Academics and Research – UVic
  11. UVic’s Waste Reduction Hub – UVic
  12. Campus Planning at UVic
  13. Campus Plan – UVic
  14. Sustainable Transportation – UVic
  15. Sustainability Champion Awards – UVic
  16. Featured Stories – UVic
  17. Campaigns – UVic
  18. Campus Sustainability Fund – UVic
  19. Resources – UVic
  20. Sustainability Videos – UVic
  21. Tips for Living a Sustainable Lifestyle – UVic
  22. Sustainability Reports – UVic
  23. Sustainability policy – UVic
  24. Campus Guides – UVic
  25. Vision and Values – UVic
  26. Green Buildings – UVic
April 30, Time Travel Technologies …
            [ sort of .. not quite .. UVic, but fun!]
  1. Commodore SX-64 (Wikipedia)
  2. Commodore SX-64 Computer Review (YouTube)
  3. Systems ‘Meet the Team’ Open House (OAC)
  4. The IT Crowd (YouTube .. ALL EPISODES!)
  5. The 25 Best Time Travel Movies Ever
  6. 21 Time Travel TV Shows You Need To Binge-Watch
  7. 20+ Best Time Travel Books for Science Fiction Fans!
    Up the Line by Robert Silverberg not there!)
  8. 10 Ancient computers that are still in use today
  9. 18 Things To Do With Old Computers That Still Work Today
  10. Check out how much a computer cost the year you were born

Next time… TBA !!
Stay Tuned!