Social Media at UVic or … LIKES and FOLLOWS


Social Media
          Social Media

“Social Media” – absolutely …. everywhere!  And that includes UVic!

SPOILER ALERT #1 – I personally am not that much into “Social Media“. Go ahead and use Google to search for me, but .. not much there! Besides this post is about UVic social media!


OAC Online Academic Community
                   OAC Online Academic Community

OAC or Online Academic Community (WordPress) is the most visible and most used by yours truly, so it is #1 on my list of UVic social media!

If you are reading this … YOU ARE AT OAC! Valid UVic NetLink credentials gives you not just a free site, but FREE SITES PLURAL! Make one for courses, for photos, for recipes or for … anything you want! In fact, some courses might even allow for it to be a project or an actual assignment!

UVIC Facebook
                        UVIC Facebook

And of course, Facebook. EVERYONE has a Facebook account! Spoiler Alert #2 – I DO have a Facebook account … but good luck finding it!

One of the BEST UVic OAC sites is My UVic Life! Written by and for students at UVic always has a timely, informative and FUN perspective on life at UVic!

My UVic Life - OAC
                                                               My UVic Life – OAC
Computer Help Desk
Computer Help Desk Twitter

And The Computer Help Desk (shameless plug, yet again!) has a Twitter account to let the UVic community know about any issues affecting them!

Official UVIC Social Media
      Official UVIC Social Media

When I went to find a list OF all the social media at UVIC, I found the following site of all the Official UVic Accounts … to the right …

A great list of sites! But then ….. right at the bottom, there is a line that says ‘See the full list: and it takes you to THIS BELOW! The treasure chest of ALL UVic social media sites! WOW AND WOW!

UVIC Social Media
                                                                      UVIC Social Media

It is truly amazing how many Departments, Programs, Services, Galleries and …  YOU NAME IT …  have a social media account of some kind! Everything from “Academic Communication, Centre for (CAC)” to “Youth and Society, Centre for” … JUST shy of a ‘Z’ category … and missing ‘X’ too!

UVic Ecogastronomy
                        UVic Ecogastronomy

And I wonder what is at UVic Ecogastronomy! Click and find out!

Enough UVic social media sites to surf to .. Hawaii! 

UVic Social Media Sites to Surf Towards …..

  1. OAC Online Academic Community (WordPress)
  2. Official UVic Accounts (UVic)
  3. ALL ACROSS UVIC Social Media Sites (SO MANY!!)
  4. My UVic Life (OAC Blog!)
  5. My First Year @ UVic (Facebook)
  6. University of Victoria (Facebook)
  7. University of Victoria (Instagram)
  8. University of Victoria (Twitter)
  9. University of Victoria – Computer Help Desk (Twitter)
  10. University Systems (Twitter)
  11. This is UVic (YouTube)
  12. UVic 2021: What you need to know (YouTube)
  13. Why Choose UVic – Undergraduate Studies
  14. Why Choose UVic – Graduate Admissions


This is UVic (YouTube)

This is UVic (YouTube)
                                                                                This is UVic (YouTube)

UVic 2021
What You Need to Know