Get started: How to create a site

Any current employees or students of UVic can log into the OAC and start their own blog! To create a new site/blog:

  1. Login to the OAC with your Netlink ID and password.
  2. Click the blue Create a Site button, which takes you to the create a site form.
  3. Fill in the Site Name. This will be the URL/link for your new site. Please use lowercase letters and no spaces or special characters.
  4. Add your Site Title, the name for your new blog. This title can include spaces and capitals. You can later update this title at any time.
  5. If you are creating a public site, choose from Privacy whether you would like your site to appear in search engines and in public listings.
  6. Or, if you would like a private blog, choose from one of the following:
    1. Visible only to registered users of this network: your site will only be visible to UVic community members after they sign into the OAC with their NetLink ID.
    2. Visible only to registered users of this site: your site will only be visible to UVic community members who have been added to your site.
    3. Visible only to administrators of this site: your site will only be visible to you, and any other administrators of your site.
  7. Select a Template for your site. The template determines the basic look and feel for your site, and starts you off with a theme and basic layout. For a description of the templates, see our Templates documentation.
  8. Click the Create Site button at the bottom.
  9. You can then navigate between your sites from the My Sites drop-down at the top of the page. Clicking on a site name from this list will take you to the Dashboard. The Dashboard is your access point for all of the administrative aspects of your site.
  10. Please note that sites that have been inactive for 13 months will be scheduled to be archived, and then deleted. Site administrators will be notified prior to this change.


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