UPDATE: This Post will be updated regularly now as a Page “Favourite and Useful Links” with 🔥 NEW 🔥 links in the future!

Every student will have now had a chance to join at least one of their classes via ZOOM, join some Teams, discover Microsoft Office 365, and adjust their schedules and come to the same conclusion that this will be a very, VERY interesting semester!

Full Disclosure: I too am feeling overwhelmed at times! There is strength in numbers, so how about some of my favourite numbers … 99, Pi and Googol (no, not thatGoogle!) … and have you heard of a … Googolplex?

Not to worry . . .

I am not going to overwhelm you with this first OAC post. I will be updating many of the links below with additional new ones that I hope will be useful. Yes, you can find them at uvic.ca but, this also helps ME with MY favourites too! 

So, just a few to begin with and I will randomly and intermittently add more favourites, so check back in here occasionally!

  1. The Computer Help Desk (How could this be anywhere but #1 on my list!)
  2. Microsoft Office 365 at UVic OAC (Basically 1A on this list for good stuff!)
  3. Online Services at UVic (kinda need this to start Office 365)
  4. Office 365 (Where the magic happens!)
  5. Zoom Resources (really good stuff here)