The Restoration of Natural Systems Program (RNS) at UVic is a dynamic, interdisciplinary credit diploma program that provides comprehensive knowledge and skills to those interested in the rapidly emerging field of ecological restoration. The program combines the applied, technical aspects of a continuing education degree with the academic resources and philosophy of the School of Environmental Studies into a unique training experience for emerging practitioners.

Knowing where we are headed, from an ecological standpoint, requires a multi-faceted understanding of environmental impacts and recovery strategies. The RNS program provides a bridge that connects this knowledge with the practical skills needed to solve complex restoration issues. The program’s holistic approach will empower you, as someone who is passionate about the environment, to make a difference in how we connect with the natural world.

You can learn more about the program on the official website. There is also a great collection of previous student’s restoration projects, course materials, and community partners on the Academic Director’s website.