Meet the 2022-2023 Team

We are a group of students that cooperatively create projects and opportunities to connect people through ecological restoration. Currently, we are trying out a new leadership structure in which committees are responsible for guiding the implementation of our main projects. The committee leaders work together to implement our projects supported by our work-study student, directors-at-large, and a robust volunteer base.


Campus Garry Oak Ecosystem Restoration Committee
Focus: Long-term ecological restoration and monitoring project in the campus Garry oak ecosystem.
Leaders: Emerald Arthurs, Madison Power and Camryn Riccitelli. 

Garden Projects Committee

Focus: Native plant garden and restoration seed plot at the Campus Community Garden.

Leaders:  Chris Nguyen, Celeste Ramsey and Beatrice Mowat.

Events Committee
Focus: Plan and host events connecting students and the community through restoration.
Leaders: Katia Bannister,  Amanda Reaume, Hannah Burman, and Callie Hogan. 

Supporting Roles

Workstudy is a role founded by UVic, that supports administrative tasks and coordinates the committees’ efforts.
Student: Jennifer Rodriguez (RNS Diploma Program Student)

Directors are experienced club members that assist in project development and fundraising.
Student: Eve Ruth (Director) and John Kang (Director-at-large)


Volunteers support restoration events by lending their helping hands in fun and exciting ways – removing invasive plants,  planting native trees and more.


Treasurers oversee all financial planning, reporting and fundraising efforts.

Leaders: Noah How and Carlos Sevilla.