The club hosts various events during the school year, providing opportunities for you to volunteer in restoration projects and build new skills through learning and sharing. We are an active club that likes to spend time outdoors together and connect without community through stewardship.

Check out our October 2022 Newsletter for more info about events here:

Volunteer Opportunities

Skill Building Events

  • Semester overnight camping and restoration trips. In 2020 we visited the Galiano Conservancy twice and assisted in building an educational wetland and restoring a forest site. Activities included trail building, planting, and listening to a talk about wetlands.
  • Visiting the Greater Victoria Green Team (GVGT) events in Mystic Vale to help with removing invasive plants – especially English ivy (Hedera helix).
  • Supporting the campus restoration and garden projects through attending events and participating in regular maitenance and monitoring.
  • A speaker series which connects our group to topics in restoration, ecology-related job searching, personal experiences, and natural history. We are interested in learning about how to support our surroundings and finding unique ways to apply our knowledge and experiences.
  • Skill development and sharing which has included plant identification, invasive plant management, and field safety.
  • Social events and fundraising that connects our nerdy interests with having fun. We have had plant and bake sales. games night, and online trivia through our Instagram stories.