The ERC has been removing invasive species on campus since 2011 and has worked in Cunningham Woods, Mystic Vale, Haro Woods and Finnerty Ravine, Bowker Creek, and the Garry oak ecosystem.

A large project was completed in Cunningham Woods between 2013 and 2015. The club participated in invasive species removal, native species addition, and collaborating with community organizations to host plant identification walks, ecosystem monitoring workshops, and a Bioblitz. Even an art project has happened here – English ivy (Hedera helix) removed by the club was used in weaving workshops! The club and community can also be thanked for taking a stand against development of Cunningham Woods in 2015.

The repeated efforts of the club within Mystic Vale were welcomed by the community and university. In 2017, English ivy removal was taken over by the Greater Victoria Green Team (GVGT). The GVGT still hosts six invasive species pulls a year in Mystic Vale, which you can get involved in by visiting their Meetup page.

Bowker Creek

Mystic Vale

Cunningham Woods

Garry Oak Ecosystem