We have two native plant projects underway at the UVic Campus Community Garden which help us learn alongside our community.

Native Plant Garden

Restoration Seed Plot

This is a collaborative project with the Campus Community Garden staff in which ERC members are assisting in creating educational signage about native plant species and care guidelines for these plants.

Plants in this plot include Nodding onion (Allium cernuum), Barestem desert parsley (Lomatium nudicale), Camas (Camassia sp.), Pearly everlasting (Anaphalis margaritacea), Pineapple weed (Matricaria discoidea), Red-flowering currant (Ribes sanguineum), Yellow monkey flower (Erythranthe guttata), and California oatgrass (Danthonia californica)

We created this plot to become more self-sufficient in producing seeds and starts for our campus restoration project. Together we will be weeding and water the plots throughout the year while we develop best practices for seed collection and preparation for restoration.

Plants in the plot include Roemer’s fescue (Festuca idahoensis), Columbia brome (Bromus vulgaris), Blue wildrye (Elymus glaucus), California brome (Bromus carinatus), Chocolate lily (Fritillaria affinis), and Cow parnsip (Heracleum maximum). These seeds were collected from Trial Island Ecological Preserve, Mt. Tolmie, and UVic campus, as well as donated from student projects.