The Ecological Restoration Club (ERC) is a student-led club at the University of Victoria. Since 2011, students have been collaborating within the club to build capacity of students to restore ecosystems by offering opportunities to engage in regional stewardship initiatives, skill development workshops, and collaborating on club projects. We are committed to being a welcoming and accessible group to all interested in participating.

The club is comprised of three committees, a work-study student, directors-at-large, and our volunteer community. Together we are currently working on:


Mission Statement

The Ecological Restoration Club’s purpose is to assist in the recovery of the endangered Garry Oak ecosystem on campus, promote land ethic within the UVic community and other stakeholders, and increase ecosystem connectivity and the ecological integrity of campus green spaces, while honouring Indigenous practices, culture, and connection to the land. Through our work, the ERC connects UVic students with restoration practitioners and like minded individuals to assist with restoration projects within the Greater Victoria community. 


The Ecological Restoration Club is committed to fostering an inclusive and accessible community to all those interested in practicing ecological restoration. The ERC acknowledges that lasting conservation efforts must actively involve Indigenous and settler communities. The ERC is committed to nurturing and promoting these core values: