Join us!

There are many ways to get involved with the UVic ERC and the best way to start is to send us an email at  join our Facebook group or follow us on Instagram @uvic_erc 

Visit our events and contribute volunteer hours while participating in restoration activities such as seed collecting and invasive species removal.

In exchange for volunteer time you gain hands-on experience in restoration by learning with a group of other stewards!

Join a Committee
Level up and commit to assisting our committees carry out club projects. The committees are always open to new members and leaders.

You can specialize in planning and hosting educational and social events, as well as collaborating within our campus restoration project or garden projects.

Apply to the work-study job, a paid position which coordinates club members and projects, completes administrative tasks, and assists in community outreach.

You will hone your skills in communication, research, time management, and organizing volunteers.


Director at Large
Become a Director at Large if you have a knack for problem solving and finding unique ways to support the club.

Recently, Directors at Large have completed self-directed restoration projects such as creating seed mixes and invasive species management.