“Climate change is often depicted as something that happens to children, who are positioned as passive recipients to devastation. This attitude allowed us to examine future possibilities that flourished with the Sensorial Becomings exhibit emerging in January and continuing into March of 2020. Its intention was sharing moments from our inquiry work and foreground children’s creative responses to living in a time of sweeping climate change. Besides highlighting young children’s perspectives, the exhibit at the A. Wilfrid Johns Gallery invited a wider public into an experimental space of rethinking everyday relations and shared vulnerabilities in precarious times. This included Camosun College Early Childhood practicum students and instructors, Communities of practice in Early Childhood, children, families, and educators. This also involved a University of Victoria art education class workshop, Indigenous Education graduate class, and a number of passers-by curious enough to pop into the gallery’s open space, leaving comments and questions in the exhibit guest book were also included.”

from Thinking with Trees: Sensorial Becomings, Climate Pedagogies involving Children by Narda Nelson and Denise Hodgins

All Text and Images © Copyright Narda Nelson and Denise Hodgins.