In the summer of 2019, Art Education M.Ed students exhibited their finished and in-progress work created during their second summer of residency in the program. Through the small group exhibitions, students explored connections between their artistic practices.​

KUNSTRAUM/A RELATIONAL SPACE was one of the group exhibitions. Featuring work by Nadine Bouliane, Amber MacGregor, Ingrid Hauss, and Gina Sicotte.

Artist-Teachers from left to right: Nadine Bouliane, Amber MacGregor, Ingrid Hauss, Dr. Alison Shields, and Gina Sicotte. Summer 2019.
From left to right: Nadine Bouliane, Amber MacGregor, Ingrid Hauss, Dr. Alison Shields, and Gina Sicotte. Summer 2019.

Space is an essential element of art. It refers to the areas around, between and within the objects. It can be positive or negative, open or closed, shallow or deep. It can be an actual place or a condition in which art happens. Our experience of space can be at once physical, perceptual or symbolic.

In German, the word “kunstraum” means “art space.” With this exhibition, we invite you to experience the nature of space through the disparate, intersecting and in-progress practices of four artists:

Nadine Bouliane’s work translates sensory experiences through mixed media painting. Her works evolve through an active, gestural process that seek to capture the raw energy and aesthetic moments of walking in wild spaces. The works are intensely layered, both opaque and transparent, allowing some elements to come into play while others are suppressed.




Amber MacGregor is interested in the ways in which digital technologies alter our perception of space. In Amber’s kunstraum, objects are fragmented in digital spaces and painted in new configurations that invoke genetic mutations, marine ecosystems and outer space. For Amber, the act of painting creates an expanse of calm in the chaos of everyday.


Ingrid Hauss looks to the inner and outer landscapes to create an interactive installation that integrates movement and prose-collage. Ingrid’s work invites an aesthetic and kinaesthetic awareness of space through movement and introspection. Viewers become co-creators of Ingrid’s kunstraum as they attend to an aesthetic moment of reflection and interaction.


The creative process helps Gina Sicotte to locate herself in space. The physical and material attributes of Gina’s kunstraum invite play, exploration and the emergence of ideas. Gina explores her relationship to a physical space through representing her local context, surrounded by the ocean, at once a suggestion of the sea and a topographical map of Gina’s creative geography.



Photos from WORK-IN-PROCESS and other group exhibitions from summer 2019 can be seen in the gallery below: