Art Education at UVIC offers a wide variety of undergraduate art courses – from sculpture to photography, ceramics, digital arts, design, artistic theory, community art practices and visual inquiry – to name a few.

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Minor in Art Education


Program Snapshot

  • 15-unit minor, combinable with most UVic majors
  • introduces the methods of working in a visual art studio environment
  • uses creative, visual, and artistic approaches to teaching, researching, and engaging with the world
  • satisfies the content area requirements needed for admission to the Secondary PDP program, with art as a teaching area


About our program

The minor in art education will provide you with a foundation in visual expression, design thinking, and creative and critical problem solving. You’ll gain hands on experiences working in different art studios and with different art mediums and methods.

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Art Education – Graduate Programs

M.Ed. students from left to right: Helen O’Connor, Danielle Dumelie, Gamelle FitzGibbon, Alyson Moore and Wilerine Dolan. Class of 2020.


M.Ed. in Art Education Cohort

Our M.Ed. is a studio intensive, two-year program. Students spend two summers engaged in personal studio development while working in group studios. Individual critical and creative explorations carry into the fall and spring semesters, off-campus. Applicants must have considerable strength in art education and present a portfolio of personal art work. ​

M.A. & PhD

Research focused programmes in Educational Studies with an Art Education focus. Students are asked to consider the expertise of faculty members in the area and working together with their supervisor, develop an individualized programme of study designed to culminate in a substantial research contribution to the field. Faculty in Art Education are interested in the intersections between art making, learning, teaching, and research. Maintaining their practices as artists, they are interested in exploring how studio processes present generative and pedagogical ways of thinking and learning.

Expertise of faculty within the area (for MA & PhD)

  • Art & Design Education
  • Studio practices & Creativity development
  • Arts-based research
  • Visual & Artistic inquiry
  • Elementary & Secondary Teacher Education
  • Teacher Leadership in the Arts
  • Assessment in the Arts

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Art Education in Teacher Education

Kindergarten teacher candidate is colouring a mural with students at Highlands Elementary School
Kindergarten teacher candidate is colouring a mural with students at Highlands Elementary School

For students applying to UVIC’s elementary and secondary teaching programs, art education classes can be foundational to classroom experiences.

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