The A. Wilfrid Johns Gallery is an art exhibition, research, creation, and pedagogical space for the University of Victoria’s (UVic) Art Education students, faculty, sessional instructors, alumni, and community partners to experiment with and showcase innovative work in art education. Within this space, diverse publics are invited to explore the multiple roles of art and art making in schools, community, and daily life.

Housed in the Art Education area of UVic’s MacLaurin Building (A-wing), this space is maintained and developed through the efforts and expertise of Art Education faculty, sessional instructors, and staff. The Gallery is named in honour of Professor A. Wilfrid Johns, who was responsible for the establishment and development of the Art Education program and laid the groundwork for the creation of the Gallery. Since its inauguration in 1986, the Gallery has received generous support from the Johns Family.

We are pleased that you are interested in hosting an event or exhibition in this gallery. Please refer to the Submission Guidelines to learn more about how to submit a proposal. If your proposal is accepted, we ask that you follow the exhibition and event guidelines below:


    • The Art Education Program regularly uses the space for teaching and research purposes, so the timeslot you would like for your event or exhibition may not be available.
    • Check for availabilities and book the space though the A. Wilfrid Johns Gallery contact person (currently Natasha S. Reid –
    • Only use the space during the time that you have booked.


    • You are responsible for bringing the tools you need to hang artworks (e.g. thumbtacks, nails, hammers, measuring tape, etc.) and for mounting the artworks.
    • For hanging works, we recommend that you work with thumbtacks. If nails would be more appropriate for the type of work you are hanging, please use thin nails.
    • Please make sure that the items you hang in the space are securely attached to the wall (tape does not stick well to the gallery’s walls).
    • There are 4 pedestals available for sculptural works. Please careful with these objects. Do not climb or stand on the pedestals.
    • You can hang light items from the wooden posts that hang over the walls into the gallery space.

Cleaning Up

When your event or exhibition is over, please:

    • Carefully return the pedestals to the locations where you found them in the Gallery.
    • Remove all nails or thumbtacks. Large nail holes are to be filled. We provide the filler. Coordinate with the Art Resource Room.
    • Wipe down any marks or media left on walls or plinths.
    • Remove all artworks. Artwork cannot be housed for more than one week after the exhibition comes down.
    • Ensure the floor space is tidy.


The gallery does not have a security system or person who monitors the items in the space. This means that there is no protection for the items that you leave in the space, and we are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items.

Thank you for your interest in the A. Wilfrid Johns Gallery!