An Ode To Cherry Blossoms

as the depths of winter come gently to an end

 the snow begins to melt away

little pink buds cover each branch and bend

Spring has found her way

she dances between the snowdrops

 tenderly caresses each delicate blossom between her hands

Spring drifts gently down from the treetops

resembling a different type of snow, the snow one would find in Fairyland

as Cherry Tree blossoms, the pink and white petals dance through the sky

Spring admires the subtle pinks and breathes in the floral fragrance

as each petal blows by

she inspects every blossom and bloom with love and patience

I sit beneath the gnarled branches in absolute tranquillity

 petals fall like snow leaving an ethereal feeling hanging in the air

I run my hands over the rough bark, I feel each durable leaf intently

I find no fault anywhere


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