A typical day on campus !

Every day at UVic is a bit different. I feel like I find new things every time I visit the campus or simply enjoy the same walk to my classes in a satisfying routine.

A typical day on campus and my daily routine this semester as a first-year student would look like this (Mondays specifically):

Morning routine!

I typically wake up at around 7-8 am because of work or my classes so I won’t be as tired with the consistent wake-up time.

I would also take a look at my planner to make sure I am aware of the assignment I need to work on that day or any events. Then, I would have a typical breakfast like bread or fried egg, followed by getting ready to bus to UVic!

UVic campus

Walking to my class

First class!

My first class on Mondays is ART 105 Photography and Video Art. It’s in the Visual Arts Building so it is a bit of a walk from the bus stop, but I always enjoy the walk while listening to music. Currently, we are in our photography unit so I’ve been really enjoying taking photos for our assignments!

Photography project

UVic building

Going to The Cove to eat / sit


I haven’t explored all of the food services at UVic yet, but my favourite place currently to get lunch is at The Grill that’s located in the SUB (Student Union Building).

Their wraps are my go-to, and I usually get them with fries, but they also offer onion rings, salads and soups for the choice of sides!

I would also take out my food to eat at The Cove with friends, as they offer lots of seating and tables.

After lunch and some good chats, I usually just stay and work on assignments until my next class as it is super quiet after lunch at The Cove if you are looking for a casual study space!

Walking on campus !

Studying at The Cove

Back to my classes!

My entrepreneur class starts at 4:30 (ENT 100). It’s a very interesting course since the topics can be applied to any major, such as the idea of innovation and the process of coming up with ideas!

I get a small break before my last class at 6:30 so I would grab a snack and do any other work at the MacLaurin Building where it’s quiet at the time with plenty of study spaces.

FA 101 Creative Being features many guest speakers to gain new insights each lecture and involves some journaling as well.

2 young women

FA 101!


Since on Mondays my classes end a bit later, I would simply eat dinner and aim to go to bed early as well as write my to-do list for the next day, which wraps up my full day on campus on Mondays!

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