Places I’ve travelled during my year-abroad in pictures

I grew up travelling but never the amount I have while doing my year abroad. Meeting international students doing their year abroad lets me travel with like-minded students who may have flown across the world to see new places and experience new cultures!

Here are the places I’ve been so far.

First term: 2022


Cromer, UK: day trip to the beach with new international friends


London, UK: day trip 1 with international friends

Man in front of London bridge

Ford from the USA on the right


Canterbury, UK: 2 nights with international friends

women in boat with castle in background

Kerstin from Sweden, Maya from UVic, Nerissa from USA

Edinburgh, Scotland: (4 nights) with international friends

students looking down at city

Ford from USA, Maya from UVic

Glasgow, Scotland: (3 nights) with international friends with day trip to Loch Lomond

woman looking at sign

Maya from UVic in loch

Glasgow street at sunset

Barcelona, Spain (3 nights) with 1 friend

Barcelona streetwoman in front of historic churchwoman drinking coffee


Amsterdam, Netherlands: 3 nights with international friends

canal in AmsterdamAmsterdam

Swansea, Wales: 3 nights with 2 friends

ocean view in Swansea, Wales

Cardiff, Wales: day trip with 2 friends

woman on path towards castle

Paris, France: 3 nights with international friends

woman holding baguette

Sarah from UVic

students in front of Eiffel tower

Ford from USA, me, Kerstin from Sweden, Sarah from UVic



London, UK: solo day trip


London, UK: 1 night – with international friends

students in front of tree with lights

Sarah from UVic, Andrew from Australia, Ford from USA

Dublin, Ireland: 3 nights with one friend

2 women in front of castle

Me with Maya from UVic

Ocean at sunset

Stockholm, Sweden: 3 weeks to visit roommate over Christmas

2 women skating

Me with Kerstin from Sweden

wax figures of ABBA

Second term: 2023


Tenerife, Spain: 3 nights solo trip

ocean in Spainwoman with dessert


London, UK: day trip 3 with new international friends (celebrating a friend’s birthday)

Notting Hill bookshop street in London

Seville, Spain: 6 nights solo travel

Seville street

Brighton, UK 2 nights with international friends (celebrating a friend’s birthday)


Leeds, UK: 2 nights to visit a friend from UVic

2 women

Me with Meghan from UVic

London, UK: trip 4 solo travel for a concert

London street

Morocco, Marrakech: 4 nights with a roommate

Morocco fountain

Morocco, Essaouira: 3 nights with a roommate

Morocco2 women with surfboards


Great Yarmouth, UK: day trip with mom

2 women at beach

Cambridge, UK: day trip with mom

York, UK: 2 nights with mom

Budapest, Hungary: 3 nights with mom


Prague, Czech Republic: 4 nights with mom

Driving around Ireland’s towns: 2 nights with mom

Galway, Ireland: 3 nights with mom 

Dublin Ireland (again): 3 nights with mom

London, UK: 4 nights with mom

The Cotswolds: day trip with mom

London, UK: trip 5 (concert) day trip solo travel


London, UK: trip 6 (music festival) day trip solo travel

I finished my studies on May 25th. Now, I can get back into travelling!

Future plans:


Island hopping in Greece: 2 weeks with 1 friend


Solo travel Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Europe

Sweden part 2?

I leave the UK in mid-August to come back to UVic!

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