10 Weekly Reset Ideas to Increase Productivity!

Sometimes during a stressful semester, a small reset once a week is all you need to help keep your life and mind organized and decluttered.

Here are 10 weekly reset habit ideas that helped me as a student feel calmer amidst the dozens of assignments and studying on my to-do list.

1. Update events and plans for next week in your calendar


Planning the week ahead allows you to prepare better for the events coming up and schedule other tasks around those events so it will be easier to plan when to accomplish your tasks before any due dates.

I like to plan out the days I’m going to work on an assignment to visualize my week better and keep on top of tasks.

2. Set weekly goals

Setting at least one small goal to focus on each week allows for small but effective improvements each week that can contribute to a bigger goal you have in mind. By setting only one goal it can be easier to fully focus on it and take action.

3. Declutter your workspace or room

I find having a messy and cluttered desk and room really distracts me and take up space in my mind, which leads to decreased concentration.

It will only take up to around 5 minutes or less to simply put things away so it is a great way to walk around your room as a studying break to freshen up your space!

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4. Organize your digital life

This can include catching up on emails, putting all your stranded files on your laptop into folders or even disinfecting your devices.

Backing up files regularly can also help a lot sometimes since it may save a great amount of time in the future.

5. Plan out your meals for the week

This can save time and effort thinking about what to eat each day and planning also helps to really see and track what you are eating for better awareness of your health.

6. Journal!

Sometimes our mind is full of ideas, thoughts about a topic, worries, and things to remember, which may increase our stress a bit more as we want to try to remember all these things.

Writing whatever is on our mind on paper through journalling can help clear our mind knowing it is all written down to remember.

7. Reflect

Spend a few moments reflecting on your accomplishments lately. This helps to feel motivated to continue doing what you are doing and feel proud. Also, by thinking about something to look forward to every day can provide an extra kick of happiness in your week.

beauty products9. Take care of your skin

Applying face masks can help you feel refreshed knowing your skin is healthy and clear!

10. Make time for your hobbies and passions!

Sometimes our week is filled with too many tasks for school or work that we tend to forget to do the things we enjoy more.

By scheduling in a specific time block to enjoy the things you want to do, it helps you find that right balance between self-care and work.

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