Cleaning Up Gonzales Bay (EPHE 142)

If you have ever scoured UVic’s course lists for electives to take, you have probably come across EPHE 142. EPHE 142 is Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education’s “Personal Health and Wellness” course and it is on just about every recommended elective list.

I took this course in my very first year after receiving recommendations and I can pass on to you that it was a class I learned a lot from and would suggest taking if you want to become more in tune with your health on both a physical level and a mental level.

In addition to the fun and info packed lectures by Dr. Lauzon, the course consisted of two main parts, a group project and a personal project. Any fellow procrastinators out there? Because this course can help you kick that bad habit by setting a goal and working a bit each week to achieve it, or at least do your best to.

My personal favorite part of the course, though, was our group project, where we could go out into the community to make an impact on the wellness around us. My group decided to go do a Beach Cleanup in Gonzales Bay which you can watch in the video above.

It was a gorgeous day and by the end of it we had gathered at least two bags worth of garbage. We were surprised to see that most of the waste was coming through the drains that lead to the bay and consisted of small bits of plastic of rope. It goes to show just how much our waste we don’t even think about as harmful can build up over time. Although our time on the beach was short and the impact unfortunately temporary the difference we made still mattered and what we learned on that beautiful day was still meaningful and a memory I enjoy revisiting in my video.

So if you are looking for an elective recommendation look no further. If any of what I have described sounds up your alley, you will not be disappointed with EPHE 142: Personal Health and Wellness.

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2 Responses

  1. Lara Lauzon says:

    To my wonderful EPHE 142 students. Thank you for your commitment to this Group Project and your help to make a difference. Thank you also, for posting this note. You made my day!

    Stay healthy and safe. And keep making a difference.


  2. Swinburne.Sunny says:

    No matter how many times you fail, you must face life and be full of hope