A new personal best

It’s only week three and I’m already trying to catch up on sleep. Life is busy, but I love it!Centennial Stadium

Wednesday morning started off a little rough after sleeping through my alarm. Clearly, waking up to ‘Banana Pancakes‘ by Jack Johnson is not the most motivating song to get you out of bed. I managed to get ready in 9 minutes.

Yes, 9 minutes.

I managed to leave the house by 9:03 to race to school and fight off the others circling parking lots like vultures waiting for free parking spots. Sorry folks, I’m not yet ready to share my secret parking locations quite yet, but stay tuned. *HINT – there’s always parking behind MacLaurin in parking lot 10.

Anyway, I managed to find a spot in my lot of choice, raced to the Clearihue Building where my first Politics 103 Tutorial is, only to realize the room that I wrote down is the office of a professor in the Department of Women’s Studies…oops.

I then stood in the entrance to Clearihue, signing into the UVic MyPage, only to find out (in my exhausted state) I wrote down room “125” when in reality, the room I needed was “215”. Not to worry, I ended up making my tutorial discussion only two minutes late.

Going back in time, some teammates and I attended the annual boot-game series between the UVic Men’s Rugby team and the University of British Columbia (UBC) at Centennial Stadium. Although UVic lost, there was some fantastic rugby on display and it was a great atmosphere, not to mention a gorgeous day in January – to the envy of others across the country!


bottle driveOn Saturday, the UVic Women’s Rugby Team had a successful bottle drive to raise some funds for the program and our upcoming trip to Las Vegas 7s Invitational Tournament.

My group approached one house where we were told they had enough bottles to take up my car – they weren’t kidding!

I should probably get to completing some assignments now, although writing this is much more fun. I’ll be back next week with more adventures.


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