My UVic Bookstore Haul

While I live in Victoria, with online school I have not visited the UVic campus since the summertime. I was in need of a new notebook, and I thought the UVic bookstore would be a fantastic place to shop so I could support a local business–especially during their Black Friday sale.

I went in for a single notebook and left with much more than that. But what a great way to show my UVic spirit! 

Here’s what I got: 

UVic Crewneck 

Photo by Maddy Morrison

Not only is this the most soft and comfortable sweater I’ve ever owned and is perfect for the colder months ahead, it was only $20 with the Black Friday pricing. 

UVic Mask 

Photo by Maddy Morrison

I’ve been seeing these masks everywhere and was worried they’d be sold out but I was pleasantly surprised. They’re comfortable, fit firm across my face, and have a built in filter. 


Photo by Maddy Morrison

Lanyards were a big way to show school spirit at my old high school, so when I saw this UVic lanyard covered in artwork of surfers, orcas, and martlets I couldn’t resist. 

Phone Cardholder and Sticker

Photo by Maddy Morrison

I love how easy it is to stick my important cards in the back of my phone when I’m heading out to run a quick errand but don’t want to bring my bulky wallet — this phone cardholder is exactly what I needed. Also, I just bought a new laptop so this Vancouver Island outline sticker will be perfect to give it some UVic pride. 

Tote Bag

Photo by Maddy Morrison

This tote bag has a similar design and artwork to the lanyard I found. I’m trying to be more environmentally-conscious when I go shopping, so this tote bag will be a fantastic reusable bag to bring with me. 

And of course, the one thing I actually needed: the notebook

Photo by Maddy Morrison

Working on my courses from home has made me rely on the 5-subject notebooks from the UVic bookstore. They’re lightweight, have good-quality paper, and have pockets to put any printed out materials.

I usually take four classes so this notebook is perfect for that, because I like to have an extra section free for any miscellaneous notes or overflow from my core subjects.

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