Just Take A Second

It’s the time of year where everything is stressful, everything is happening all at once, you’re dealing with exams, the stress of the holidays, the fact that it feels like it’s pitch black outside by 3 o’clock in what is supposed to be the afternoon, but really just feels like night. Not to mention the dreary weather that has blanketed the city in gray clouds during the days and the nights filled with the sounds of rain hitting your windows. With this change in weather and being so caught up in our own minds and the stress of it all, we forget to actually look around and find the good things that are still surrounding us. We only see the gray skies and the rain pounding on the sidewalk, we don’t see the way the water pools in the crooks of flower petals, or the way the rain looks when it blurs the light of the street lamps. Just take a second, stop worrying about everything else, take a second for yourself, look at something beautiful. 

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