The Longest Words in the World

The Longest . . . 
Words in the World . . .  

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is a word that once you hear it, or at least, the singing of it from Mary Poppins, just rolls off your tongue quite easily!

Guilty pleasure – I enjoy saying this word to students when the topic of fun, strange, different and long words comes up! LOL! And don’t forget about the The ABC Song from Sesame Street, although whether the alphabet ITSELF qualifies as a word … is a debatable point!

The obvious contender is …. Antidisestablishmentarianism ! Who hasn’t heard of this word before! But, it only holds the record because it is considered a “non-medical, non-coined, nontechnical word” and it does have an interesting history

The longest word in the world has …. 189,819 letters. Yes, that is right, 189, 819 letters. And it could be surpassed due to the chemical components required to ‘name’ strands of DNA. This is mind boggling to me that a single strand of DNA could have so many letters!


Note the ellipses. All told, the full chemical name for the human protein titin is 189,819 letters, and takes about three-and-a-half hours to pronounce. The problem with including chemical names is that there’s essentially no limit to how long they can be. For example, naming a single strand of DNA, with its millions and millions of repeating base pairs, could eventually tab out at well over 1 billion letters.

And the other 11 long words can be found at ” What’s the Longest Word in the World? Here are 12 of Them, By Category” for your Spelling Bee practice!

And growing up, The Reader’s Digest was always a source of humour, articles and .. WORDS with their Word Power pages. And they too have an article on the longest word in the world. And they agree!

And you can certainly fill your boots with an alphabetical list of the longest words in the English language at “A-Z List of Long Words and Their Meanings That’ll Leave You Baffled” !

But what about … the rest of the world! There are so many languages in the world, surely, there must be longer words! And… THERE ARE!

So the answer lies within “What Is The Longest Word In The World?” And the funniest, longest word in the World is from Vietnam, and that word is nghiêng.  What? That isn’t long AT ALL! Ah, but it is the SHORTEST LONGEST WORD in the world! Yes, the longest word in Vietnamese is only 7 letters long! 


This clearly isn’t the longest word in the world, but this Vietnamese word at just seven letters long has the distinction of being the longest word in Vietnamese. That also means it’s the shortest longest word that exists. Arguably, nghiêng is a single morpheme, not a word, but Vietnamese is an “isolating language.” Instead of combining prefixes and suffixes to create new words, Vietnamese uses multiple small words that combine to change the meaning. This only works if your definition of a “word” is any combination of letters surrounded by spaces, however.

As long as there are words out there, there will be interesting topics! 

ENJOY!                TTFN!


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