CHD Workshops – Jeopardy Training!

Computer Help Desk Training
CALL Facility and Jeopardy!

Saturday morning Computer Help Desk workshops are fast becoming THE TRAINING EVENT OF THE YEAR! Come for the technology upgrade, stay for the food!

Over the past few years I have created the perfect blend of technology, training and a hungry, captive (yet paid!) audience, to place them all in …. JEOPARDY!

Below are 5 PowerPoint modules to bring a wee bit of humour to our CHD Saturday morning workshops!

Just click on any of them and the .pdf will download for you! Why a .pdf? OAC does not like PowerPoint files! LOL!

CHD Workshop is actually the first one, and has a brief history of CALL, including vintage photos of CALL, The Great Flood of 2015 and a history of WICKET, the custom written database program used to track student attendance in The CALL Facility!

The others are updated versions of an original PowerPoint Jeopardy presentation created by Sherri Puentes Graveran (CHD) for a Winter Fest a few years ago!

CALL Workshop – What is CALL?

Jeopardy: CALL

Jeopardy II: CALL++

Jeopardy III: Knee-d-ful Things

Jeopardy IV: Endgame

Jeopardy V: Pop Culture

Jeopardy VI
Reboot Version


Jeopardy VII


Jeopardy VIII
(January 2021)