Keep Calm and Visit CALL

keep calm and visit CALL signThe CALL facility (CLE A025), in my opinion, is one of the most underrated areas on UVic’s campus. This beautiful space offers a wide range of benefits, such as:

  • adjustable height stations (allowing you to stand at either a Mac or PC workstation!)
  • a mix of 25 new Apple and Windows computers with dual monitors
  • webcams on EACH computer (for Zoom, Teams & Skype)
  • optical media drives (Macs)
  • USB headsets with microphones for loan
  • 2 collaborative conference tables (6 seats), each with large screen HD monitors & wireless Windows computers
  • 2 small rolling whiteboards
  • 2 large rolling whiteboards
  • open workstations for quiet study time
  • open desks for studying
  • outlets for charging laptops and peripherals
  • video display projector to practice presentations
  • drop-in access unless booked for a class (same as other computing rooms in Clearihue)

On top of it all, CALL is also a Computer Help Desk satellite location for assistance!

This area is never too crowded and the perfect place to get your studying done! If you haven’t paid this place a visit, it should definitely be your next on-campus destination.

More information about the CALL facility can be found on the link below (another OAC blog about UVic I highly recommend checking out, written by UVic’s Greg Fanning)!

The CALL Facility & other UVic Mysteries


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