5 Ways to boycott Victoria’s indecisive winter weather

Are you currently upset with the weather switching between snow and sunshine? Do you have a desire to get out of the house, but are afraid that the weather will revolt if you spend too much time outdoors?

If you answered ‘yes’ to the above questions, then this list may come in handy! I have compiled 5 of my favourite local places to visit that are out of the weather, affordable for students, and within a one-bus radius of the UVic campus. If nothing else, these places may help get the slush out of your shoes, and take your mind off of our (currently ever-changing) weather system. Enjoy!

1. Saint Franks

On the outside, Saint Franks looks like any normal bar. However, it is actually a wacky-and-wonderful combination of 80s nostalgia, walk-in barbershop, and frankfurter specialty bar.

Complete with tables that double as retro arcade gaming systems, it is definitely a favourite for beating the weather. You can sit down, have a severely overloaded hot dog, and try to beat your high score on Pac Man while you watch your friend get a hair cut — who could ask for more?

2. Interactivity Board Game Cafe

The Interactivity Board Game Cafe is a classic for anyone who is looking to have some old-fashioned fun. For only five dollars per person, you can play over 800 card and board games for as long as you like.

They even offer bowls of candy, popcorn, and other party snacks for your munching convenience. Oh, and did I mention they’re open until 1am Friday and Saturday nights?

If you’re looking to take a night off from studying, or settle a friendly dispute in Settlers of Catan, this is the place to be.

3. Floyd’s Diner

Aside from having one of the best band references by a restaurant (the whole diner is pink), Floyd’s  Diner has earned a spot in my top 5 list by boasting a truly unique selection of menu options.

Want a burger where the crust is actually made of two grilled cheese sandwiches? They have that. Their signature dish is called the  ‘Mahoney’ – where the cooks will make you literally whatever they feel like (don’t worry, it always tastes amazing).

What’s more, if you’re feeling lucky you have the option to do a double-or-nothing ‘coin toss’ on whether you actually have to pay for your meal!

4. IMAX + Royal BC Museum

This was suggested to me from a friend of mine visiting Victoria not long ago. For those of us who live in Victoria permanently, I think we tend to forget just how good the entertainment attractions in our beautiful city are.

The Royal BC Museum, complete with the largest IMAX screen in BC, is a perfect way to stave off an afternoon of boredom while also not taking a toll on the wallet. With student pricing available, and some of the largest collections of human and natural history in Canada, this one is a safe bet for any students’ rain-free study break.

5. The Victoria Bug Zoo

Ok, before you get all ‘bugged out’ with this idea (see what I did there…hah…) let me tell you why the Victoria Bug Zoo deserves to be on your rainy day bucket-list:

  1. It’s cheap for students ($8.00 to be exact)
  2. They have excellent guided tours of all the insects on display, including parts where they LET YOU HOLD A STICK INSECT OR TARANTULA. I mean, if you want to. I’m sure they wouldn’t force large arachnids on anyone who was not willing.
  3. They sell cricket lollipops! You heard right – it’s a cricket. Inside a lollipop. Sounds gross, but tastes just like a regular lollipop that hasn’t been infused with an insect.

Hope this list helps!


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