5 Ways to Help Someone Who Is Stressed

Sometimes it’s good to remind people that they aren’t alone.

As midterms have begun rolling along, conversations with friends and family soon revolve around the lack of time or ability to complete assignments and study for exams.

I’ve noticed how I end up feeling helpless after these conversations because I don’t know how I can help them de-stress.

After some reflecting, I’ve come up with 5 ways you could help someone during times of immense stress. It’s helpful knowing these as you can let others know how to help you when the roles are reversed.

1. Care packages

These could contain anything from handwritten notes to their favourite granola bars. The emphasis is on how your friend will feel once they receive it, not what the contents are necessarily. It can mean a lot to know that someone is thinking about them.

The Peer Support Centre recently held a “Build a Terrarium Workshop” and these succulents are a great present!

2. Reassurance

Sometimes, all someone wants to hear is that things will be okay. When we’re under tremendous pressure, the future can seem bleak and hopeless but reassurance can provide the much needed backbone support.

3. Practical advice

If you know exactly what someone is struggling with (ex. time management, not understanding a concept, etc.), recommend some steps or strategies they can use. Advice can show the direction and pave the way especially when someone is lost.

4. Listening

We’ve all had times when all we want to do is rant and complain about our problems. It’s important when on the other side to listen attentively and without any judgment.

5. Plan an event to look forward to together

Stress can make someone really lonely as many tasks often need to be done alone. Planning an activity with a friend, whether that be exercising or grabbing some food, can provide a sense of companionship and act as a great way to relax.

Explore the cute cafes we have around town! My friend and I recently went to Discovery Coffee on Blanshard and loved it!

There is a point where just enough arousal can lead to the greatest performance but having too much can be hindering. If you see a friend or anyone else reaching that point, try some of these out and let me know if there are any other ways that you use to help people!

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