How I Got Over the Flu

Hello UVic community!

Have you noticed how everyone is getting sick again? That is right, it seems that we are back to the flu season. Somehow I feel that it is getting worse than in past years and sadly we are right in the middle of midterm season. Well, for many students midterm season never seems to end. Some of my friends have had midterms on the last week of classes!

Last term I spent almost a week and a half sick and this term some of my friends have spent almost two weeks feeling bad as well. Nonetheless we all continued going to school. This term I tried something different.

The moment I started feeling a little bit sick I cooked a giant chicken broth and went straight to bed. I skipped my Monday classes and, although I was worried about it specially because of my upcoming midterms, I do not regret it. This morning I woke up and while the flu is still present I am feeling much better. I also got my flu shot last term, I was determined to not get sick for that long ever again!


I think the best medicine is to rest. Our bodies will heal themselves but we have to help them somehow. Something else that could help is the flu shot (not if you are already sick)! I noticed that the campus pharmacy is still offering free flu shots. Same with the health clinic and other places around Victoria.

Last term I got my flu shot and decided to record my experience. It was not as painful as I thought it was going to be + I got free candy at the end!

I was freaking out at first but you know what? It was worth it.

Good luck with your midterms and projects everyone! And please, go get your flu shot! (or rest if you are already sick <3 )

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