The Sun and The Moon (Dedicated to my fellow Quebecers)

You know, people who are broken and are scared to reach out because they fear that they may get broken again, but still choose to give life a second chance, are brave. They really are!

Braver than most people we ever encounter. Brave enough to take a chance that might lead them through the same pain again. Boy, oh boy, their courage!

But, you know who actually deserve our salutes, who actually make all of this possible? People who love and accept these broken people, who give them a hope, a new outlook towards life, a new perspective, a whole new life.

Such people are treasures, they are the winds to their sails, crackles to their fires, and most importantly beauty to their beasts. They make their brokenness look unique.

For they can have anyone, anyone who isn’t broken, who doesn’t contemplate on life, who doesn’t doubt their own decisions, who doesn’t fear love; but instead, they choose them! They choose their brokenness, not to mend them, but to tell them that everything that is broken is not thrown away, to make them realize that the sunshine can only pass through cracks, to tell them love isn’t loving the perfect person, but to love the imperfect one perfectly.

“It is never the people who are perfect; it is the loving that is.”

People who can make you believe in yourself and life, even after your worst days, are the best kind of people.
Hold on to them. Because they have seen your worst and they know and accept that you can possibly give them nothing, but still choose to be the Doraemon to your Nobita.

Life is epic and funny; it is tragic, and sometimes magic. These people are the humour to that fun, and the spell to that magic.

Take your time to thank them and appreciate them, to tell them that their efforts never go unnoticed and that they have that spark in them that fires up your life.

Tell them that maybe someday you will be able to get out of your selfishness to support them if they ever need it.

Make them believe that you think about them all the time and that you couldn’t have made it through without them.

No one believes in fixing the broken, stitching the torn. People don’t believe in mends and amends anymore. We have progressed into a world where we think everything(one) is replaceable.

So if, in a world full of replacements and exchanges, you find a mender, love them and cherish them, for they are an invaluable asset and, trust me, they are depreciating every second you spend neglecting them.

“When you thought you weren’t good enough, they believed you are the only one.”

We need such people desperately, God! More than ever! We need to fix the world that is so broken, that it doesn’t know how many pieces it is divided in. We need to fix it, and fix it now.

So, to keep hopes from falling apart, to keep the humanity from vanishing, to keep love from dying, and to fix the broken; we need you menders. We need you more than you know … and more than you’ll ever realize.

Don’t leave us stranded … for our hand will always be reaching yours in a desperate need to be held so strong that it puts our scattered pieces back in place….

“You are forever the sun to our moons, we trap your beauty in our broken spaces.”

P.S.: We need to stand together now, especially now when violence seems to be a place of peace for some people. We need to lend a hand to broken people. We need to be the suns to their moons.

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