GoPro for soccer yo – It’s MARCH MADNESS!

Every year, Vikes Athletics and Recreation at the University of Victoria puts on a community soccer event called March Madness.

This tournament pits teams against each other over a 2-day period to claim the ultimate title of Madness Champions! This year, the tournament oversold and 21 teams battled it out for victory!

Check out the Vikes Nation team below, composed of our Vikes Nation Ambassadors. The team strapped on a GoPro and we filmed our games. Although I’m not a crazy movie editor, I think I did a pretty good job, but you can be the judge of that – or not, cause I still think it’s amazing.

Special shout out to Vikes Nation Ambassador Evan Hinshelwood, also known as DJ Lasu! He provided the music you’re hearing, entitled Quartet. Go check him out at

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Kevin March Madness 2


Kevin March Madness

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