My Attempt At A Garden

Since I have recently moved house I was able to ask my landlord if he would mind if I weeded out a corner of his garden to plant a few things of my own. He agreed and then my mum and brother helped me weed the corner and flip all the dirt to create a nice little patch to experiment in. While digging everything up we found a few buried treasures, an empty beer can full of slugs, a weird chrysalis (probably from some alien bug), and the largest earthworm I have ever seen.

As for the actual plants, I am not known for being the most nurturing of people. I managed to kill my cactus which indicates I am less nurturing than the desert which is impressive. So we will see how long it takes me to accidentally nuke my little garden. However, for now, it seems to be thriving and all the plants have been growing quite well so far.

I have planted pumpkin and squash seeds, fennel seeds, cilantro seeds, chives, Italian oregano, purple and green basil, hot chili peppers, purple kale, mint, lavender, irises, span dragons, and three types of tomatoes. All the seeds, chives, oregano, and lavender are from my mum who is an avid gardener unlike me.

Demitasse is the perfect place to spend your day off because you can buy plants and eat a delicious Cornish Pasty in a garden with a good book.

I bought the basil and kale at a cute little cafe/ garden store in Oak Bay called Demitasse which feels like a fairy garden because you can get a treat in the cafe then wander through the garden to find a hidden table to enjoy your coffee and treat at. The mint I bought at a church jumble sale, the hot chili peppers are from Canadian tire, and the tomatoes were bought from a lady in my neighbourhood.

Gardens are good for many things, besides the obvious of saving money on expensive items such as tomatoes and herbs, they also provide a little bit of an escape. I find it very therapeutic to go outside twice a day to water my garden and to weed it so it stays nice and healthy.

For students especially these are two important things: eating good cheap food and de-stressing. Even if you just have a few pots in your window with some of your favourite herbs. Not to mention plants are extremely good at filtering the air in your apartment to make things a little bit fresher.

You can buy the best loaf of multigrain bread at Demitasse, too.

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