A student’s rant

student-dying-studying_designThrough the strain of exams, projects and papers, any inspiration that I have tried to summon has been lost in the mush and jumbled mess that could now be considered my brain. In other words …I don’t have a topic for this week’s blog.

We are heading into the final stretch of the school year, which consists of erratic bursts of anxiety and stress from students with the overload of due dates.

With the pressure of having a presentation this week, a project due next week, trying to stay on top of readings (a fool’s hope) and moving into a new place, my inner self is pretty much curled up in the fetal position and rocking in the corner trying to take a nap instead of having to face my reality. My coping method? Ignoring adulthood while sitting in bed wearing PJs and eating peanut butter out of a jar with a spoon while I write this blog.

I know that we are nearing the end of the semester because, apart from my own panic, my conversations with friends are beginning to follow the same pattern, which involves: (1) copious amounts of verbal diarrhea about school and life stresses, (2) life-outside-of-school daydreaming and, most importantly, (3) delicious food.

It is through seasons such as this that I am grateful for the existence of ice cream, having friends who share my pain and the knowledge that summer is right around the corner; however, this thought pattern is detrimentally cyclical because, with the concept of finishing the school year with so many projects that are still due and yet to be done, I am once again flung into a spiral of angst wondering how in the world am I going to accomplish everything.

To summarize, panic-attack phone calls are draining my phone’s battery, my brain is in summer mode with zero capacity for productivity and I’m running out of groceries.

This is the reality of a student. It’s hilarious and it’s very real.

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