January 24th 2022 – Back to The Future!

Back to the Future …………
Back to Campus
January 24th 2022
Our return to
in-person education this term

UVic is returning to in-person classroom education starting Monday, January 24th.  A message from the Provost is here. (January 20/2022)

Just click on the menu to the side and you will get to their most recent Covid-19 information [Return to Campus].

Specifically for all of January 2022 is here.

Health and Safety at UVic is here.

Most important, at least to me, is that masks must be worn at all times and no food or beverages are permitted in classrooms, labs, study spaces or libraries as below:

  • Masks will be required to be worn by students at all times in classrooms and study spaces except where exempt for a medical reason.  Consuming food and beverages will not be permitted in classrooms, labs, study spaces or libraries.
  • Masks must be worn in common areas of buildings, including in on-campus housing and office buildings (e.g., lobbies, hallways, bathrooms).

The full ‘Planning for next term‘ on December 23, 2021 press release is here.

And all the Return to Campus Updates are here.

The CALL Facility (CLE A025) is currently closed. As far as I know, The CALL Facility AND all other CHD Computing Facilities and Classrooms will re-open on Monday, January 24th. And I will be back in CALL.


Everyone stay safe and healthy!

Who ya gonna CALL?
THE COMPUTER HELP DESK!Stay safe everyone! 

For now, the best resource to find current information is at UVic’s COVID information site, UVic response to COVID-19 (coronavirus). The official BC site is COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus), with multiple links throughout including the most important one on ‘Orders and notices‘.

The map I go to frequently is the ‘British Columbia COVID-19 Dashboard‘.

As always, information changes, so you can keep up to date with the BC Covid App.

And a chance to see all the Emergency Planning links from an earlier Post (and Page) below too.

  1. Emergency Planning (Take a few minutes for this site please)
  2. Emergency Procedures (And what to do … if ….)
  3. Earthquake and Tsunami (How many in the last 30 days … SEE THEM!!)
  4. An earthquake happened in Oak Bay, WHILE I WAS UPDATING THIS POST! 🔥 HOT OFF THE PRESS WINNER 🔥
  5. Snow or Extreme Weather (Yes, it snows in Victoria .. LOTS!)
  6. Specific Hazards (Nitty gritty specifics of what could happen)
  7. Campus Evacuation Procedures (Where to go ….)
  8. Emergency Planning – Events & Upcoming Training (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)
  9. UVic Alerts (Register today, right now!)
  10. Safety Committees at UVic(Join a great committee! I did!)
  11. And .. UVic Covid Information too
  12. Province-wide restriction  🔥 HOT OFF THE PRESS WINNER 🔥
  13. BC Covid Dashboard (Added April 9, 2021)