OAC WordPress Tutorials . . . ARE BUILT IN FOR YOU!

OA WordPress  Tutorials

So, you are about to create a strange new thing – A BLOG! But not just ANY blog – your very own Online Academic Community OAC UVic FREE  BLOG!

If you have UVic Netlink ID credentials … then you can have a WordPress blog hosted by UVic! It is that simple … mostly! It really IS that simple!

And this will be a very short post … just to get started on what to simply WATCH FIRST before you do anything, other than … create your blog name first. And you CAN create multiple blogs too, one to test and one to actually post on. Totally up to you!

So, if you are THIS far, then you have already created a blog name for yourself. If not, then go to Online Academic Community OAC and create one for yourself with your credentials.


The WordPress Tutorials, as originally posted, do not seem to be available right now. BUT there is a new Dashboard Training Video Series, as shown immediately below! The link is here, and you can also click on the image below to go directly there. The Categories, each clickable are below:

And then, log in! Welcome to your Dashboard, the first thing you will always see when logging in. Now, over on the left hand side is a Sidebar with tons of magic options – otherwise known as Menus and Sub-Menus!
NOTE: the WordPress Tutorials as shown below, are not available. Use links above. The new links and videos are great!

Click on ‘WordPress tutorials‘ and a ton of  video tutorials will  pop up in the Dashboard. Perhaps start with  … TheDashboard! I have put a RED STAR beside what might be some starting points, but just start watching some!

That is it! You are basically reading the recipe book, before picking out what dish to make first! And as you go through, in any order, go back to a previous one as it might just be a ‘light bulb’ moment of connecting various tutorials, techniques, features and ideas!

Post photos, quotes, YouTube links, UVic sites, recipes, essays, thoughts, poetry, art, jokes, and anything you want to share! Release your inner artist! See what happens!

I still go here and will continue to check out the tutorials to discover new things to try! All you need to get going is all waiting inside OAC for you!