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Pages and PostsWhat Gives?

So what is the difference between a Post and a Page?

As I am finding out, they are both quite different and useful! There are all kinds of sites you can look up at Google and support from WordPress for Pages and Posts (tutorials) about their differences. For me, the difference is that a Post is like an email to your Inbox. You publish some information on a specific day and time. And then done! It stays in your email in reverse chronological order as more emails arrive.

Your next Post becomes the most current one, in reverse chronological order. You can usually cycle back to the previous post from within any currently viewed post. The benefit is … each Post is usually about a single topic. But that is not a hard and fast rule.

A Page is like a Post without a chronology or end date, but can contain multiple topics, themes, links or categories. And is usually always available and visible at any Post, usually by setting up a Widget or Theme settings. Think of it as a ‘Long-Term Post’. Always there.

So if you want a reader to see or have access to a ‘Long-Term Post’, then use a Page. If it is something that is just a topic for that day, but still accessible later on, then use a Post.

And nothing says that what is in a Post, can’t be turned into a Page. OR, as you will see below, I will take the most currently added information on my Favourite and Useful UVic Links Page, Cyber Security Awareness Month, and tack it on to the end of this Post. Confusing? Maybe, but once you play around with WordPress and try one new thing every week or so, then you just build on blogging skills!! Explore Pages and Posts and .. it is your Blog, do what YOU want to do!

For me, I only have 3 Pages:

  1. Favourite and Useful UVic Links
  2. The CALL Facility … and other Mysteries of UVIC
  3. ZOHO – CALL Facility Bookmarks

But I have over 179 Posts, including THIS POST!

Each PAGE represents something that potentially delivers not only timely, but ‘timeless’ information. A Page will look like a Post (Theme dependent), but these 3 are PAGES that have the most up to date and continuously available information, that I want to make available, even for myself! So, think  of a Page as a very, very, very selfish .. Post! It is always there, seeking attention! LOL!

Favourite and Useful UVic Links has a growing list of … Favourite and Useful UVic Links, without having to search my entire blog for them. Always there.

The CALL Facility … and other Mysteries of UVIC. This has the most current version of an oriention to The CALL Facility. Always there.

ZOHO – CALL Facility Bookmarks. I constantly refer to this and it is constantly being edited, updated and revised. Always there.

It  is VERY tempting to just have a growing list of .. Pages. Nope, don’t go there. Think about how many you REALLY want to be there. And then cut it in half. Just like packing for 3 months in Europe. Lay EVERYTHING OUT that you think you might need for 3 months of travel. Then discard half of it!

I might add 1, perhaps 2 more, but no plans for that in the near future. But, never say never!

And even here at OAC,  there is a WordPress tutorial section, while you are creating your blog, to give you tutorials on Pages and Posts. Look for it!

And below, fresh off my updated Page, are my favourite links for Cyber Security Awareness Month here at UVic. 

October 26, 2020 – New Favourite Links –Cyber Security Awareness Month
  1. Nav’s CISO Blog at OAC – Personal Perspectives from UVic’s Chief Information Security Officer
          UVic Instagram Takeover 2020 (🔥 HOT OFF THE PRESS WINNER 🔥 … even though a little late….)
  2. Cyber Security Awareness Month – UVic (a little late,  but better than never!)
  3. Phishing – University Systems (UVic)
  4. Phishing Awareness Training Campaign – University Systems (UVic)
  5. UVic Information Security Standards
  6. UVIC Information Security
  7. How to Contact University Systems and The  Computer Help Desk
  8. Advanced Persistent Threat Groups (from Nav’s Blog on Oct 20)
  9. Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (Canadian Government)

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