Indigenous Sex and Gender Champion

Dr. Billie Allan (School of Social Work, UVic) is the acting Indigenous Sex and Gender Champion (ISG), educator, mentor, consultant, facilitator, and advocate to our team. In this role, Dr. Allan promotes and integrates Indigenous sex and gender (ISG) considerations throughout the life of the BC NEIHR in the following ways:

  1. Provide considerations for ISG through every stage of BC NEIHR initiatives.
  2. Facilitate discussions of ISG issues with team members, Governing Council members and partners.
  3. Provide ISG resources such as strategies for advancing sex and/or gender inclusion and responding to resistance to integrating sex and gender considerations.
  4. Provide training for team members and trainees on ISG theories, methods and reporting guidelines. Provide advice on filling out CIHR application sections on sex and gender.
  5. Help develop, evaluate and reflect on the advancement of ISG equity in training, mentorship and funding applications.
  6. Advocate for gender parity and inclusion among teams and partners.
  7. Consult with Indigenous communities, collectives and organizations (ICCOs) and students about how to include ISG in research design, methodology and analysis, including how ISG will be understood and interpreted.
  8. Inform budget considerations from an ISG perspective (e.g. inclusion of child and/or family care costs to support participation).
  9. Support the development of an approach for considerations of ISG in knowledge sharing activities.
  10. Act as an advocate on ISG issues in knowledge sharing/mobilization activities (e.g. advocate for the integration of ISG as part of manuscript reviews for journals).

For more information and resources on Indigenous Sex and Gender, please visit our Resources tab.