Annual Budget and Evaluation Reports

BC NEIHR Evaluation Framework

The BC NEIHR is guided by Indigenous values emerging from many culturally and geographically diverse communities in BC; these values are the foundation of our work. The research activities undertaken by ICCOs (Indigenous Communities, Collectives and Organizations) and students in our network, which are supported by funding and other resources, will ultimately help to revitalize Indigenous research and wellness. We assert that evaluation must be wholistic, strength-based, community-led, relational, story-based, visual, cyclical/circular, inclusive and balanced.

Through an environmental framework, we focus on root, core and stem environments, emerging from decolonized soil. Our metaphor begins with the nourishing power of water, which represent external resources that enrich the decolonizing and anti-racist environment (soil), into which we have chosen to embed the BC NEIHR. Yet, we are mindful of colonial political, social, and economic environments that can introduce contaminants and so, we must regularly “till and clear the soil”; spreading nutrients and removing harms.

Our roots emerge from Indigenous values, principles, knowledge systems and ways of being. From these roots, our infrastructure forms a strong core (trunk) of Indigenous Elders and leaders, who guide resources to our stem environment – to capacity bridging and cultural safety initiatives, collaborative partnerships, community engagement, as well as Indigenous led-research and knowledge mobilization (outputs).  

Future generations (seedlings) will be nurtured by the BC NEIHR root, core and stems as well as the enriched environment into which our influence will spread (outcomes). In this way, we see the promise of transformation in research environments; of growth over time and sustainability of Indigenous-led research.

BC NEIHR Evaluation Framework

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The next evaluation report will be available summer of 2023.