External Funding Opportunities

Funding Awards for Indigenous Post-Secondary Students in British Columbia

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ATCO Indigenous Education Awards Program– Deadline: August 16, 2024.

BCAAFC Post-Secondary Student Support Program (PSSSP)

BCAAFC First Citizens Fund Student Bursary Program

BC First Nations Forestry Council Indigenous Forestry Scholarship Program (IFSP)

BC Hydro ScholarshipsCheck back in early spring 2024 for the next application period

BC Scholarship Society

Bill and Elsie More First Nations Bursary

Canada Graduate Scholarships – Master’s (CGS M) program

Chief Joe Mathias British Columbia Aboriginal Scholarship Fund Deadline for submitting applications is June 14, 2024 at 11:59 PM Pacific. 

Congress of Aboriginal Peoples – Indigenous Skills and Employment Training (ISET)

Indspire Bursaries, Scholarships and Awards

Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) – Helen Bassett Commemorative Award

New Relationship Trust Student Scholarship and Bursaries – The annual intake and approval process will open each calendar year in May and close August 1st

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Indigenous communities, collectives and organizations (ICCO) Funding Opportunities across British Columbia


The BC NEIHR spans across all 198 First Nations, 39 Métis chartered communities, 25 Friendship Centres, and many other ICCOs in British Columbia. ICCOs who are registered with our Network (to register click here) are welcomed into an Indigenous-led and governed network community. 

We have Indigenous Health Research Facilitators (IHRFs) to support ICCO research development and knowledge sharing. The IHRFs are based in the following regions of BC: Vancouver; Fraser Valley; Northern Region; Interior Region and Vancouver Island. For every ICCO in BC there is an Indigenous Health Research Facilitator who is prepared and ready to support you in your funding application process. While the BC NEIHR hosts many funding opportunities, we recognize the systemic barriers in place for Indigenous communities to gain and access funding for their specific needs. This page hosts many funding opportunities for your Indigenous community, collective and/or organization (ICCO) in which our support network can help you every step of the way.

You are not alone in this process.

Reach out to the IHRF in your region and they will be ready to help you with whatever questions and support that you may need. This can range from writing support, editing, Q&A, phone/zoom consultation, and/or anything else that may require support.

We support you, we hear you and we are here to help.

  • LAURA MCNAB-COOMBS (NORTHERN/INTERIOR REGIONS) Indigenous Health; Decolonizing HealthCare; Indigenous Methodologies. Email: lauramcnabcoombs@uvic.ca
  • JIMENA GARCIA (VANCOUVER ISLAND) Indigenous Medicine; Leadership For Change, Cross-Cultural Communication. Email: jimenachalchi@uvic.ca
  • TAYLOR ATWATER (FRASER/VANCOUVER REGIONS) Indigenous Health; Indigenous Methodologies; Cultural Safety and Humility. Email: taylor_atwater@sfu.ca

The funding opportunities listed below are sorted by category.

However, all ICCO requests are unique and complex in their own way. It is highly encouraged to read through every category. A lot of these opportunities can be fitted into your unique request. Keep an open mind when scrolling through, nothing needs to be set in stone, and your IHRF is here to work with you and the funding organization to ask questions and mediate on your behalf.

For example, a Food Sovereignty project to build a Smokehouse, could also technically be classified sometimes as an ‘Arts & Culture grant and/or Community Health Research. Many of these funding opportunities may not be Indigenous-led and therefore may not understand the interwoven approach many Indigenous communities take. Whatever the case may be, read the description, and your IHRF will help navigate the rest.


This section includes community ‘health’ grant applications. This can mean anything from cultural revitalization and mental health to general categories around community resilience.

Arts, Culture & Other


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