Pilot Project Grant

The 2023 Call for Applications is closed. The next Call for Applications opens June 1, 2024.


Duration and Value: 

• One year; $15,000 (non-renewable); or
• One year; $20,000 (non-renewable) for POR-focus stream*

*If applying to POR (Patient-Oriented Research)-focused stream, please review proposal section in the Overview and Instructions for definition of POR research as well as the budget template that applies specifically to POR. For this funding stream, we encourage and invite applicants to have a consultation meeting with the BC SUPPORT Unit team, which can be arranged by contacting the BC NEIHR Network Coordinator. For more information about POR, please see the resources below. 

Objective: The BC NEIHR provides five (5) Pilot Project Grants to Indigenous (First Nations, Métis or Inuit) early career researchers annually to improve the competitiveness of Indigenous researchers in CIHR and other research competitions. An early career researcher is defined by BC NEIHR as a researcher as within seven years of the date of their first independent research-related faculty appointment (e.g., assistant professor, associate professor, etc.).

Description: Funds can be used to cover costs associated with the following types of activities:

  • planning and executing pilot projects or feasibility studies to generate proof of concept and/or preliminary data;
  • development and/or validation of new Indigenous tools, methodologies, protocols, theoretical models or frameworks.

Each year, recipients will be invited to a Learning and Sharing Circle (along with funded Indigenous communities, collectives and organizations as well as Indigenous trainees), where they can present their work and speak about their participation in this funding program. Travel and accommodations for this event will be paid for by the BC NEIHR. 


The BC NEIHR refers to the Law Society of British Columbia (https://www.lawsociety.bc.ca/about-us/awards-and-scholarships/indigenous-scholarship/) for acceptable proof of Canadian Indigenous ancestry, requiring, specifically, a photocopy of either a status, citizenship, membership, registration, or enrolment card issued by*:

  • The Registrar of the Federal Government’s “Indian” Register;
  • A Band within the meaning of the Indian Act that has control of its membership list;
  • An Indigenous group under a modern land claims agreement;
  • An Inuit organization that is recognized by the Government of Canada;
  • An Inuit organization that is recognized by the Government of Nunavut;
  • One of the Métis Settlements in Alberta;
  • A provincial organization that is a member of the Métis National Council, which includes the Métis Nation of British Columbia, the Métis Nation of Alberta, the Métis Nation of Saskatchewan, and the Métis Nation of Ontario; or
  • A Métis organization that is recognized by the Government of Canada (e.g. the Manitoba Métis Federation)

*If you are unable to provide any of the listed documentation, please contact the BC NEIHR Network Coordinator, Tara Erb, at bcneihr@uvic.ca.

Application Materials:

POR-focused Resources:


The BC NEIHR Pilot Project Grant program is generously supported by CIHR and Michael Smith Health Research BC and the BC SUPPORT Unit (POR-focused stream).